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Retail Property Consultants

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Landlord Advice

Impartial, considered advice with an opinion.

Our business is rooted in the understanding retailers what retailers require from them property portfolios.  The close working relationships that we have allow us to offer the best possible advantage to landlord’s in achieving their aims.  Offering an opinion not merely recommending an offer is the bedrock of our advice.  We pride ourselves on providing a view on how any transaction impacts a property owner’s portfolio not just the asset in question.

We are integrated with our investment team ensuring that maximising value for our clients is a key consideration in everything we do.


Latest case study

Long-term relationships enhance property service

GCW has built long term relationships with many leading retailers, often acting as an out-of-house property director. We specialise in being able to focus on our client’s specific property needs based upon the requirements of their customers.

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